Friday, February 1, 2013

Falling In Love Is Easy, Standing In Love Is Difficult

Since ages, love has been remained the integral part of our existence.  However, with the time, loving and being loved turned out to be a bit complex.

Today, love is stimulated by the waves of infatuation. By creating artificial personality and putting a little extra effort, one can compel others to fall in love. But as and when the real persona of an individual surfaces, it makes us upset, love starts disappointing, and then the situation makes difficult to stand in love.

The reason: we all are carrying the bundle of expectations on our heads, a package of dreams in our eyes, and views in our hands. And on the top of it, our self-esteem (or ego) doesn’t allow to give up anything.

Even, amid this condition, there is a hope. By practicing few behavioral basics, one can stand in love truly.

The first and foremost step we have to take is to surrender. Get a rid of our self-centered attitude. Throw away the selfish views. Get all negative aspects out of your life. Obviously, it seems difficult; but not impossible.

Talk. Talk. Talk to resolve the crisis, not to accuse. Blaming your partner will worsen the situation. Positive conversation will carve the way out into the path of resolution.

You have been walking on the way for a long time thinking about only yourself. Now you have to understand your partner. Try to figure out what your partner is looking for out of the relationship.

When reaching to the conclusion, avoid sticking to your guns. Confrontation at all times worsens the situation and takes you back to the square. If you compromise, your partner will also follow you.

Give Away! Keep on giving away. Don’t expect anything in return while you give away. If both of the partners try to give something away to each other without any expectation, both of the partners will get more or less what they are looking for.

Have Patience:
Patience is a weapon that always compels others to realize.  As this change over of personality takes time, don’t rush. Rush will stop the process of change over.

And finally… You’re not going to get the life ever again. With due respect to each other, understand and love your partner at your best. Love is the only element that keeps your life healthy, happy, and worth living.


  1. You've written it beautifully and every word makes so much sense. I wish I could also practice all this, however, when we are surrounded by people who are materialistic and practical in nature, no matter how much love is there, it just does not work out. Also people are just so shallow these days, and love just a game where sometimes, we also fall into the trap laid by the others. I just hope that somebody with a broken heart is not so broken that one does not feel like falling in love ever again, trust once broken is difficult to build.