Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beautiful Girls Are Not Looking For Handsome Guys

It is believed that beautiful girls have always been looking for handsome guys as a life partner. However, new findings go against this belief. Now-a-days Beautiful Girls Are Not Looking for handsome guys!

I have asked one of my young, bubbliest and charming colleagues: - “What kind of boy are you looking for as your life partner?”

With a beautiful broad smile, she said: “Oh my Godthat’s difficult question…”  After a few moments of thoughtful gaze into the blank, her first answer was: “One whose nature is good.” Then she had a list of the qualities that she was looking for in a life partner to be. Surprisingly, “the look” was at the bottom of her priorities. Then after, I have tried to find an answer from few more friends of mine and the responses were almost similar to first one. Most of the girls are looking for an individual, whose nature is good and good look would be an added advantage.

If we define “the nature”, it can be good sides of a person’s character. In fact, “Good Nature” is a package of good qualities. Whatever may be the reason, but now-a-days the girls have understood that “the look” sometime can be deceptive and leads to nowhere. They are looking for the relationship, which provides core values of life such as Love, Respect, Care, and Honesty.

Let us figure out how these qualities are important in life:-

Honesty: -
As it is said that honesty is the best policy. Honesty creates the trust, trust forms the bond, and this bond makes the relationship long lasting and happy.

Care: -
Girls are looking for total attention.  Care means to think about her goodness, her comfort, her well being, her ideology, her attitude. Care indicates complete dedication to her all the time.

Love: -
Without love we cannot live.  As we need food, water, and air to live, love is an added factor to survive blissfully. Love is a basic and the only element that keeps life healthy, happy, and worth living.

Respect: -
Respect is a sense of worth. Girls are looking for a certain level of regards from their life partners. They want to make sure the importance of them in their lives.  Girls are looking for the life partner, who admire her ideology and go along with it.

Look: -
Good look draws most of the girls, but it may not make them happy ultimately. The look can be the window to get into a relationship, but look may not create long lasting relationships. Today, the girls are looking for happy relationships, which is based on good values of life, not on the look of the partner.

And these are the reasons that Beautiful Girls Are Not Looking For Handsome Guys.  Before being attracted, they would weigh up as a complete package of good qualities; they will look for the core values of life in a prospective life partner.

So, normal looking guys with the above qualities certainly have a reason to celebrate, as you’ve got the chance to become a darling of most beautiful woman on this earth.


  1. Good one. And so very true. I got married 2 months back and I wasnt attracted to my partner initially. But the way he took care of me, and helped me adjust in a new country, I melted quickly. And now I ADORE him.. I am so lucky to have him. Girls who have gone for looks, have mostly cried in the end because they easily overlook existence of other qualities..

  2. Nice Analysis Ananth. Loved this me a reason to smile :)

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  4. It's True.......