Saturday, March 2, 2013

Let the Flowers Speak, If You Can't

Flower is a replica of the heart, reflection of feelings, synonym of love, and especially darling of women.

Flowers please the eyes, gratify the heart, revitalize your senses and give the feeling of happiness, peace and calmness.

Giving someone flowers is a symbol of both, honor and affection. We usually buy flowers in order to celebrate the occasion, to perform a religious ceremony,  or to express our affection to our loved ones.

Some of us may not know, but every type of flower has a meaning. Choosing a flower based on its meaning and significance tells others how interested you are in their feelings.

Red Rose and Tulips signifies love. Dark Pink Rose shows thankfulness. Yellow Rose refers to friendship. Violet tells about faithfulness. Iris is for warmth or affections. Snowdrop means Hope. Lily reminds you of majesty. Daffodils give your regards. Veronica conveys fidelity.

So pick the type of flowers, which is right for the occasion and the one that accurately expresses the true feelings, be it a heartfelt apology - deep love - fiery passion – hidden feelings – best wishes – congratulations - or any message that you want to convey. And if you have received the same, make sure that you know what they mean, what they are saying.

Flowers can talk. Flowers can say what the lips cannot. Flowers can put a smile on the lips. Flowers can bring tears of happiness. Flowers can make you laugh. Flowers can get you love. Flower can mend the relationship. Flowers have helped many a relationships bloom through the ages.

If you are not able to express yourself, you can convey your passionate feelings, interesting ideas, or fiery emotions through flowers, as flowers carry a message.

Let me tell you, when I think of flowers, I think of a smile on the lips of a newborn.

What do you think, when YOU think of flowers?


  1. Did you read "language of Flowers"?... an excellent book.
    Your post reminded me of it.

    1. No. I didn't. I will if I get a chance. BTW, Thanks.

  2. Flowers are the best way to express our feelings. Nice read.

  3. Well said, Flowers are the best way to express your feelings. But beyond red and yellow roses, I had no inkling of emotions different flowers represent. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautifully written. I love flowers and the bright yellow image.

  5. It's such a pleasure reading this post on flowers! Flowers are the best way to express one's sentiments, and as the old saying goes, flowers are the way to a woman's heart.

  6. Flowers help us convey our feelings in the best way!!!