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What a Girl Want ?

What a Girl Want ?
She was not one of those who can make your head turn.
However, there was something on her “Honey colored” oval face that literally compelled me to turn my head and look at her again. Behind my back, at Society’s Annual General Meeting, she was looking for a chair to have a seat. I took a chair besides one of my neighbors in second row. Couple of moments later, as my head turn, I saw her seated in first row. Her right profile, obstructed by lock of her hair, seemed intriguing. In thoughtful gesture, I tried to figure out “why she grabbed my attention so intensely!”

After meeting got over, one of the common friends introduced her to me as Sweetie, a Media Marketing Consultant. Shaking hands, I looked at her face. She smiled from the both the corners of her lips, hiding her front of mouth by twisting her lips inward into mouth. It suited to her and looked cute. A little glow on her “Honey colored” face seemed as pure as values of life. Her crystals like eyes were optimistic, looking for dreams of life. Her pouty lips with lightly applied lip gloss were appearing desirous to have a taste of life. There was no sign of any other make up. I felt she was simply herself.

I felt like the question - “why she grabbed my attention so intensely!” – was melted in my thought process and was not ready to leave my mind.

After that day, she met me few times on the way walking up on the stair…After few “Hallos” and “Hi-s”; she took almost couple of months to get friendly with me. Many times, from ground floor to third floor, we exchanged little tits bits about neta to abhineta, job to employer, tv to movie, life to death, pin to plane and lots of worthless trivial stuff. At third floor she used to take right and I walk up to my apartment on fourth. Slowly and gradually, she opened up and we got to little personal matters.

One fine evening, I got into compound of my building and saw Sweetie, bowed down to a car window, talking to the people in the car. As car moved, she waved at them. When the car disappeared, she saw me and we got along.

“So…what’s going on?” I asked as usual.

“Had some guests…” She said with her typical smile twisting lips inward.

While walking up, she said that those people had come to see her.

“Then what happened?” I asked naturally.

“They said they will let us know…But I know they are not going to…”

And she got silent in thoughtful gesture.

“Sweetie, why don’t you try around your work place…you may find someone interesting…”

“I did, dear…” She said in wet voice: -“All the young ones seemed childish, and matured ones were too old by their thoughts.”

Her views were as clear as a crystal. She definitely knew what exactly she was looking for.

“Sweetie, tell me in one sentence, what exactly you are looking for?”

With sadden smile, she thought for a while and said: - “a simple person, you know …like when he puts his hand on my head and say – I love you, I should cry …”

The ongoing struggle, to find happiness, had made her so sensitive that an intense affection with warm tenderness would have been more than enough for her to live the life. As her eyes were about to swell up, I wanted to stop the conversation on the particular topic.

“You know Sweetie; I really appreciate the clarity of your thoughts…and I am sure you will definitely get what you want…”

Saying thanks, with her typical smile, she left leaving blue moments in my heart.

In life, sometime we only can try! Why we are not able to do what we want? Why Almighty God has given us the power just to try, not to make anything happen? With all those unanswered questions, I saw her going into her apartment. And then helplessly I headed to mine.

I think life is all about trying, not to make anything happen. As if keep on trying something will surely happen.

In the compound, three friends, living in my building, were chatting with each other. One of them, saying 'Hi', stopped me and asked about Sweetie. May be they might have seen me talking to her few times on staircase and thought she was quite friendly with me. Before I utter a single word, the second one told to first one: “If you really want to hang out, why Sweetie? Hang out with some better girl, yaar...” Remaining two of them smiled at each other sarcastically. I couldn’t. Clenching my teeth in resentment, I tempted to smack him and scream at him: - “You cheappo…she won’t even look at a jerk like you…” However, I couldn’t do that. I left the place and was en route to my apartment.

Prudent always said: Understand the people before making them friends. Know them thoroughly before getting into any relationship. While walking up on the stair, I was embarrassed and feeling sorry for myself for having such friends. At the fourth floor, getting into my apartment, I recollected, Sweetie had taken quite long time to get friendly with me.

As time passed, many times, mostly in the evening, I observed her a bit exhausted. On the way up, I frequently felt her short of breath - a sign of stress. I knew she was not one of those who get tired by long hours of work. The reason of exhaustion may be stressful work environment or her efforts were not being appreciated. To get rid of stress, I advise her to meditate, at least 15 minutes a day. I have no Idea whether she followed it or not. However as far as I know, her stress will be dissolved completely with only one remedy, and that is Love, Intense Love..!

She lived with her parents. Mom and Dad, Government Servants, were as simple as their daughter. As other parents do have, they also had some dreams for her loved one. Working very hard, they literally devoted their lives for her. They got her educated as per best of their financial capabilities. Obviously they were pretty contented with their labor of love. At every step of life, whether it is school, college, education, career, vacation, food, festival, clothes, jewelries, function, wedding, even evening breakfast, or teaching of virtues, daughter remained first priority, everything else came second. From choosing education stream, college, and career, they gave her complete freedom. Now getting her married and seeing her happy was the ultimate objective of their lives.

Her parents had an arranged marriage and they were happy. Obviously, for them, arranged marriage has been a definition of a happy life. They have been anticipating the same for her daughter; however their anticipation was not too rigid either. They have just been helping daughter find a compatible life partner from their community and culture. Eventually daughter’s decision would have been the ultimate one.

In the age of Pizzas, Burgers and Colas, she prefers home cooked food. In the age of Video Games and play stations, she still is dying to read books of her favorite writers. In the age of time-pass dating, she is looking for a life partner who really understands her. I would really salute her parents who raised her traditionally in untraditional environment of today’s time.

And she obviously was aware of her parents’ devotion. She also loved them at best of her level. She loved Dad most; however mom was closer to her. I remember. Once I had asked her: -“Who is your Idol in life.” She spontaneously had said: - “My Dad…” I asked her: -“Why?” With blossoming smile, she had said: - “No matter whatever I do, he never yells at me.” At that time, I knew that she is looking for a reflection of her father in her prospective life partner, who really understands her. Once, talking to her, I learned that she will never mind if her spouse loves her a little less than she expects. But she may not be able to bear if her spouse doesn’t respect her parents.

As a daughter, she is looking for an individual who can be -->mischievous like a boyfriend, who can love her intensely like a husband, who can understand her like her mother, who can take care of her like a father, and who can adore her like a bother that she doesn’t have. On the other hand, as a matured youngster, she has been craving for some of the dreamy desires. She has been imagining for someone, who can take her on the beach, who can run bare feet on splashing water, who can get wet with her in the rain, who can gift her a single flower, who can put his hand on her head, who can make her cry, who can make her laugh, who can celebrate love anniversary, who can make her sleep, who can wake her up, who can cook for her, who can feed her, who can respect her, who can adore her, who can love her intensely…yes who can love her only…not anybody else.

And she is highly optimistic. She believes her dreams will definitely come true. She also had passed on her faith to her parents. They all believe that someone has already been made for her and will pop up at right time. Dreams of happiness, love for each other, devotion for loved ones, squabbles for betterment, and respect for all have made their life worth living. It’s a happy, contented, and closely knitted family. Everyone was giving something to others without any expectation and everyone was getting beyond their expectations.

I see her almost every day. We talk about everything from pin to plane. She works. She dreams. She hopes. She searches. She struggles. She smiles and keeps on smiling…of course, hiding her front of mouth by twisting her lips inward, very cute!!! She is cheerful. She is happy and desperately waiting for her dreams come true.

When I saw her first time, I was not able to figure out “why she grabbed my attention so intensely.” But now I knew. It was the reflection of her 'Beautiful Heart' on her face that had grabbed my attention so intensely.

From the bottom of my heart, from the core of my soul, I wish her all the best because she is the best and she deserves the best, all of the best in life.

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