Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Love Story of a Table and a Chair...

The Love Story of a Table and a Chair...
The building was recently built. The office on the first floor had been furnished just before a couple of days. The rectangular space, quite narrow in width, had 45 cubicles on the right and the space to move around to the left. The Manager's space, with divider, was located at the end, which was completely empty. The new iMac on every cubicle and revolving small plush chair in front has been urbanizing the office appearance.

The office room was filled with light uproar. The iMacs, Cubicles and Chairs have been muttering as if they were having an introductory meeting and talking about this new location.

Suddenly, the office door opened. Three porters entered lifting a huge brown wooden table. All the furniture-friends, especially chairs, turned their heads to the gate. The Table was so large and heavy that the porters had little difficulty moving to the managers’ space. As they were heading, chairs were also turning their heads along with their movement having their mouth opened, as if they were awestruck with dark and handsome table.

Finally the porters positioned the table at right place. After a long journey in the truck, the table took a sigh of relief and looked around. Amid eclectic ambience and furniture-friends, he felt himself proud of being a manager’s table. While looking around, he felt little disappointed, as he didn’t find any chair compatible with him.

Next day, the peon entered into the office pushing a slick wooden chair towards manager’s space. As the revolving Chair was made of teak wood, it looked quite fair. Her small wooden seating and curved narrow back, embedded with leather cushions, made her tall and slim.
As the peon placed the chair and pushed in a leg room under the table, chair’s arm brushed up with the table top and the table felt a shudder of emotions. He clenched his fist and jerked into the air couple of times in a joyful gesture. He felt, he found The Chair that seemed compatible to him. The Table and The Chair were so matched, as if the chair designer had harmonized leather cushions of the chair with dark brown body of the table.

“Hey…”The Table broke the ice in welcoming voice:-“Glad to see you here…Babe…”

“Me too …” Chair reply ardently.

“You look very sexy, Babe…”Looking at her body and winking at her, The Table praised her a little hesitantly.

“Hey Tayboo… “The Chair said a little mischievously: - “Are you like checkin me out a what?”

“I’mma just flirting Babe…” The Table asserted and ask:-“but what does ‘Tayboo’ mean?”

“It’s like your new name …”Widening her eyes The Chair informed: -”I hope you liked it…”

“Oh yaa Babe…” Table said happily: - “In fact I loved that…”

“You seem to be a nice Table…”

“And you…a nice chair…Babe…”The Table said graciously and scratching his head, he lost in thoughtful gesture.

“Hey Tayboo…” The Chair looked at him and inquired:-“Are you like thinkin somethin?”

“Thinkin some name…like you did for me… Babe…” Still Tayboo was scratching his head.

“Wow…Did you get any? “ The Chair asked curiously.

“Kind of…” Tayboo again winked at chair and asked her:-”May I call yaa ChiChi?”

“Sooooo Sweeeeeeet…” Rounding her lips, closing her eyes in ecstasy for a moment, extending the vowels, she said with giggle: - “Tayboo…when you speak Chichi…It’s like tingles me…”

Both of them burst out into laughter.

“By the way where you are born Tayboo?” Controlling her giggle, she asked.

“USA…” Tayboo replied spontaneously.

“You mean America?” She asked in unbelievable state.

“No, ChiChi…”Tayboo said:-”I am from Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association…”

ChiChi again laughed out loud.

“And where are you…born ChiChi?” Tayboo asked.


“Unbelievable…” Tayboo shook his head in denial: - “Such a sexy chair and born in Dharavi… unbelievable…”

“Yea…I was born in top designers’ furniture-factory in Dharavi…”

And then…in the midst of talking, smiling, giggling, and laughing, the love story of Tayboo and ChiChi kicked off.

They were so talkative that every moment they had something to say to each other. Probably, they had natural flair of constant conversation.

Whenever Tayboo and ChiChi touched each other, Tayboo never missed the chance to kiss her. Tayboo always loved to see her blushing and hiding her face with her palms. And the Manager, while leaving, always pushed the chair deep down into the leg room in such a way that the chair’s back touched the table top. Tayboo used to hug her, clinch her and keep her in his arms for whole of the night, kissed her numerous times, and never let her go away.

As their romance was blossoming like a flower in spring, Tayboo and ChiChi were talk of the workplace. Witnessing their romance, all the furniture-friends in the office were jealous of them. In a few weeks, the bond of relationship has gotten stronger and stronger. However, Manager’s behaviour to the chair was little doubtful. Tayboo and ChiChi felt the fear of being separated.

Unfortunately, a day came, their fear came true. The human became inhuman. The Manager didn’t feel comfortable with wooden chair - ChiChi. And Tayboo-ChiChi dreams of remaining together for life time were shattered. They were shocked. And they broke down completely, when ChiChi was replaced with a Fat Brown Plush Executive Comfortable Leather Chair.

All the furniture friends in the office were also saddened with Tayboo-ChiChi separation. ChiChi was pushed to the small reception area at the entrance and placed with two other common chairs. Looking at those two plastic chairs, ChiChi turned her face away as if they were not up to her standard. In few days, being at the reception, she observed that the people preferred common chairs to have seat. She understood that she was not as comfortable as plastic chairs. She had to compromise with her ego.

Time never stops. ChiChi had accepted that to live with Tayboo for whole of the life was not possible. However, she at least had a consolation that she was in the same room and Tayboo was in front of her eyes. She may not talk to him or romance with him but she was able to see him. She decided to live whole of her life just seeing him.

Happiness and sorrow are two wheels of life cycle. Happiness follows after sorrow and sorrow after happiness. Without sorrow we can’t understand the happiness and vice versa. After few years, the human again became inhuman. The owner of the company bought another two adjacent offices of the floor and decided to connect them all in one. And one fine day, the renovation began.

The truck was being unloaded. Two guys hurled the table – Tayboo – and tossed him in one of the corner of Junk Yard. In next round, one of the two guys flung the chair – ChiChi – in the same corner where Tayboo was thrown. After few moments, they recognised each other and their eyes filled with tears, as if after a long painful waiting, their dream to live together came true. Sobbing and crying, they shared the joy of meeting again and finally slept in each other’s arms.

Suddenly, at midnight, some screaming and disturbing noise woke Tayboo and ChiChi up. As their eyes opened they saw that the whole Junk Yard was wrapped up in fire. Raging fire was blazing up high. Tayboo and ChiChi saw the owner of the Junk Yard and the workers running away saving their lives. There wasn’t a single human who can get them out of the blazing fire. Both of them realized that their lives are about to end. As rapidly moving flames of fire touched them, they screamed in burning pain. The flames were rising up from legs to body and they were not able to see and tolerate their bodies scorching.

With tears in their eyes and pain of burning body, they looked at each other. ChiChi said to Tayboo: - “Hey Tayboo… Don’t cry Baby…Don’t cry…Lovers, you know, always struggle to live together in life…Nobody think of dying together…May be they don’t know that this life is just a stopover, a halt for few years… For us, this stopover is ending now and we are gonna be heading to the Eternal Journey…Eternal Journey with Almighty God…We are one of the luckiest ones who die together to remain together for the Eternal Journey of millions of years…Now nobody will be able to separate us…Tayboo, Nobody…We are gonna be together for millions of years…millions of years…baby…millions of years… ”

And ChiChi broke down in tears. Tayboo embraced her and within few seconds the flames enveloped them completely. Few moments later, they got silent, they turned into ashes.

After few minutes, two small flames got separated from the blazing fire and rose up side by side, as if holding their hands. They flew up in the sky and kept on flying up and at a point of time disappeared into the universe.

To remain together, they already had started an eternal journey...an eternal journey of millions of years...


  1. You write really well Ananth. My imagination would have been incapable of coming up with something like this.