Tuesday, June 8, 2010

RELATIONSHIP by Ananth Vitlani

Hi, I am Ananth Vitlani, responsible for all writing on this blog.

Friends, I believe our existence is based on relationship. We will not be alive, if we are not related to each other in this world. Here I will write about relationships...Relationship between man & woman and human & human.

When I think of relationship, I would certainly like to talk about some of the elements of relationship : Fascination of First Sight, Chemistry of Attraction, Reason of Infatuation, Language of Eyes, Warmth of Embrace, Fragrance of Breath, Taste of Lips, Tangles of Hair, Curves of Body, Intoxication of Perspiration, Expression of Feeling, Sweetness of Waiting, Tenderness of Petals, Price of Obsession, Size of Dreams, Euphoria of Love, Bond of Relationship, Rapture of Marriage, Pain of Heartbreak, Twinge of Parting Away, Heat of Tears, Sound of Cry, and all other relationship related "to-do-s", "not-to-do-s", and “how to do-s”, (not that “how to do”…Baby!!!!).

Friends, Keep in touch, I will bring you some fascinating, intriguing, and unbelievable elements of the relationship.

Thank you so much for visiting my space and reading me.

And yes, if you like my writing, leave your comments, positive as well as negative. Your positive comments will inspire me to write better and your negative comments will help me improve myself.

So please, please, do leave your comments.

'Till you come back, keep loving. If you don't have, find someone because Love keeps you happy, healthy and makes your life worth living.

Once again thankful to you,

Romantically yours,

Ananth Vitlani

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