Sunday, June 13, 2010

Falling In Love Is Easy, Sustaining Is Difficult...

Falling In Love Is Easy, Sustaining Is Difficult...

As per our mythological scripture, God created a Man (Adam). There wasn’t any other creature to identify with him. So God formed a woman as man’s companion. Gradually longing to be together was born between Man and Woman. By the time passed, longing turned into an attraction and being attracted to each other was named as Love. This love later became the integral part of our existence. And then with the evolution of mankind, human became self centered. Loving and being loved turned out to be complex.

However, today, love is stimulated by the waves of infatuation. By creating artificial personality and putting a little extra effort, one can compel other to fall in love. But as and when the real persona of one surface, other feels a bump and frustration gets in and Love starts disappointing. Instead of bonding, disagreement takes place in our relationship.

The reason is, in today’s society, everyone carries the bundle of expectations on their heads and package of dreams in their eyes. Everyone is taming identical ideology. Amid this environment, falling in love often seems quite easy, but sustaining the same love has become a bit difficult.

If we try to figure out honestly, we will observe that the problem lies within us only. We are holding out our attitude, our rigid views in our hands and they don’t allow us to give up.

In the midst of this situation, there is a hope. By practicing few behavioral elements, one can sustain love truly.

Let’s try to comprehend how can we do it?

The first and foremost step is to surrender. Get out of self-centered attitude. Throw away the selfish views and so called self esteem. Get all negative aspects out of the life. Certainly, it is difficult; but not impossible.

Talk. Talk to each other positively. Talk to resolve the crisis. Blaming will worsen the situation. Positive conversation will carve the way out to the path of resolution.


It’s been long you have been walking on the wrong way thinking about yourself. If you try to understand what your partner is looking for out of the relationship, half of the crisis will be resolved immediately.

Have Patience:
Patience is a weapon that is always compelling others to realize. Have patience, as this change over of personality takes time. Rush will stop the process of change over.

When reaching to the conclusion, avoid sticking to your guns rigidly. Confrontation at all times worsens the situation and takes you back to the square. If you compromise, your partner will also follow you.

Give Away! Don’t expect anything in return while you give away. If both of the partners tries to give something away to each other without any expectation, both of the partners will get more or less what they are looking for.

You’re not going to get the life ever again. With the due respect to each other understand and love your partner at your best. Love is the only element that keeps your relationship healthy and life worth living.

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