Tuesday, January 22, 2013

“Fall In Love…” My Entry for the Get Published Contest

The Idea: -
The story is about love and deception. Raj lures and deceives the girls pretending of loving them and ultimately sleeps with them. He always utters his belief - the person who can’t lure the girl, can’t do anything in life - to his rival Ranjit, a gray shade character in the college.

Devraj Mehta -millionaire businessman - unaware of Raj’s Lifestyle - is always proud of his son, which gives Raj an unnerving feeling, as he fears of prospective conflict with his father.

Nishi, wooed, lured, and deceived by Raj, was not like the other girls. She loved Raj beyond any feelings. She decides to teach Raj a lesson and bring him to the path of love.

Sunita - Nishi’s mother and Fashion Designer - was not in favor of Nishi’s decision, as she (Sunita) has her own past of being deserted by Mohan, who left her pregnant and married a wealthy NRI girl. After Nishi’s birth, the life has been difficult and harsh for her. Now, she feels that whatever happened to her in the past is happening with her daughter, as if the history was being repeated.

Nishi probes and makes Devraj Mehta aware of Raj’s character. Devraj Mehta gets shocked, disowns and expels him from his house. With image of womanizer, nobody shelters him. When he didn’t have anything to eat, one of his lesser known friends shelters him in the slum. To survive, Raj sings at cheap Bar.

Nishi gets associated with Ranjit and breaks Raj down financially, socially, mentally, and physically. At every step, Nishi reminds him of the pain that he gave her. Slowly, circumstances, created by Nishi, compel Raj to realize the significance of love and make him feel sorry. He starts loving Nishi but she doesn’t trust him.
Ranjit, with gray shades intentions, traps Nishi. Raj follows Ranjit and also gets trapped. Finally, Devraj Mehta comes to rescue and put everything into places.

What Makes This Story ‘Real’?
Raj is a symbol of young generation and Nishi is a role model. Whereas, Devraj Mehta shows a path of love: - “Love is not a fun, love is responsibility. If you cannot sustain the relationship responsibly – you have no right to fall in love…”

 “Hold on my son…”Devraj Mehta commanded Raj, who was leaving the house. Without turning back, Raj halted. 

Devraj Mehta says with resentment: -”There are few drops of my perspiration in your pocket. Before you get out of this house, leave them right here… “ Raj turned and takes out his purse from his back pocket, and has fleeting glance at the purse, which was full of money and credit cards. He responds: -“I’m your son. If I can drink alcohol like water… make sure, I can live even without water…”

And he flung his purse towards Devraj Mehta, who caught it. 

With a stern look, Raj turned around and left the house.


This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from   Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.


  1. The concept isn't bad... but there are a few points I personally would disagree with. Knowing what Nishi has done, for a normal person in spite of the reasons behind her acts, it would be difficult to fall in love with her. Raj might learn that love is important but to fall in love with the woman who systematically broke him down in every way would (at least, in my opinion) be unacceptable.
    That feels a bit Bollywood. :) Just my $0.02! :D

    1. Thank you Surya, You got it right. It IS TOTAL Bollywood. She systematically breaks him down to make him realize his mistake and bring him on right path.