Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My First IndiBlogger Meet in Mumbai

The excitement ended on Saturday Feb 16 2013 at #OttoInfinito G, Block, Raheja Towers Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East) Mumbai 40005 1India.

I reached the venue and registered at the counter outside the restaurant. Many fellow bloggers were roaming around. As I registered, I had been welcomed with the drink, soft one. Around at 3:10pm we got into an upscale restaurant with beautiful ambience. The meeting started with some funny vocals and screams. 

Then we all have been told to connect with all fellow bloggers with the signatures. We all introduce ourselves and got signatures from all. Then, along with the food, HP marketing head started his presentation about the laptop that contains the free and legal #ConnectedMusic, which is a really cool feature.

I enjoyed some of the songs played by HP team, chosen by some of the bloggers. It was a quite nice experience. And then some contests and some give away followed.

The introduction of restaurant Otto Infinito was begun. Chief Chef introduced and talked about the history of Italian food.
Mean time during the HP presentation and contest and Otto Infinito Introduction, the food was constantly being served to everyone.

At the end, a T shirt from #IndiBlogger team, a headphone from HP #ConnectedMusic had been distributed to all.

Finally, after group photo, we departed with the smile and sweet memories.
It was a warm experience.